Social Media Product Shooting


Social Media Product Shooting


Our social media package for product shots:

This package is perfect for Mr. & Mrs. Spontaneous and Start-Ups that want to show their products to the world. Impress with the highest standards of Fashion, Lifestyle and Product Photography while getting a good deal for your money. 

Your product will be the star of every shot & you won't bust the bank!

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This deal includes:

  • Individual Concept

  • Individual Moodboard

  • Creative (Art Director, Creative Director, Graphic Designer)

  • Photographer

  • Crew (Stylist, Makeup Artist, Digital Assistent)

  • Equipment Rent

  • Crew Catering

  • Location Transport

  • Postproduction

Deliverables inclusive: 10

Buy-Outs inclusive: 1 year, online, world wide


Extra Pictures

Different Buy-Out