1) Pick your Route

Have a look at our production routes. Choose the one that is right for you, depending on timing and locations you love.

In the past our routes took you to: Capetown, Venice, Bali, San Francisco, Napels, St. Tropez, Sydney, Los Angeles and many more.

We propose different routes each month for which you can book a shooting and thereby secure a shooting slot for your product. The shootings take place monthly in pre-selected locations in Europe and the Exotic parts of the world. 

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2) Pick your Shooting Package

We cover shootings for Fashion and Lifestyle Brands, like Food and Beverage Brands, Accessory Brands, Grooming and Beauty Products, Jewelry, Watches, Sunglasses and many more.

3) Know you are in Good Hands

Our packages have no strings attached:  All package features are inclusive as listed and we always will provide you with the information needed to make this a long lasting relationship.

If you can't decide on what package fits your needs best or have questions about whats included: Simply send us an email via hello@karma-konfetti.com and we will be in touch with you to shortly. 

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Who can take part?

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Jewelry Brands

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Accessory Brands

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Swimwear Brands

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Surf Brands

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Lifestyle Brands

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Grooming Brands

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Fashion Brands

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Food & Beverage Brands


Beauty Brands


Good to know

After filling out the enquiry form on the booking page, we will provide you with an offer including pricing and timing fitted to your brands content needs. You then can decide on how many pictures you would like to get produced and send us your products. We then will produce the pictures within the agreed timeframe. After the post production is completed, we will provide you with the pictures for approval. Once the pictures are approved you will receive our invoice along with your products.