this is how we do it

We shoot your product at amazing locations - and you do not have to travel for that.

Book Your Production In Awesome Locations Around The World.

1) Pick a Production Deal

2) Contact us to let us know that you are interested: hello@karma-konfetti.com / +49 15114503891

3) Our digitalized production management takes care of the whole production and  keeps this hassle of your mind.

You receive high quality content shot by professionals, fitted to your needs.

Good to know

Our packages have no strings attached:  All package features are inclusive as listed and we always will provide you with the information needed to make this a long lasting relationship.

If you can't decide on what package fits your needs best or have questions about whats included:

Simply send us an email via hello@karma-konfetti.com and we will be in touch with you to shortly. 



Beauty & Grooming Brands

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Accessory Brands

Lifestyle Brands


Fashion Brands

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Food Brands


Bikini & Surf Brands


Our famous California & Hawaii Trip Alumni

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Your Benefits

New Production? No Problem.

Get ready to not worry about creative content, product shots, look books and campaign shootings: 

We produce made to measure shootings and offer Online & Social Media ready content. 

All production packages include buy-out and are made to fit your product and budget while guaranteeing the highest creative standards.

You do not need to worry anymore about concepts, mood boards, model and crew booking, location scouting and post production - Our packages include all of this & we take care of it for you. 




Giving back

We believe in Karma and that giving back results in a natural balance of good vibes. 

For every production booked we are donating to Charities that we acknowledge for supporting causes that are close to our heart:

2018 we chose Bye Bye Plastic Bags & Lonely Whale the charities / NGOs we would like to support. Both charities focus on giving back to our oceans what they deserve.

Please visit their homepages to learn more about their individual cause, and what you can do to make this world a better place.

Full Control over your Budget + Transparency

We know it takes a bunch of trust to send your products and money our way while not attending the shooting physically.

To give you comfort and take off the edge we offer a 24/7 supervision service which let's you be in contact with our production team anytime.

Clear communication is especially important on the day of the shoot: We provide you with all visuals and info needed so you can supervise on how we work towards making your products look amazing.

We want you to be happy with us, and as trust is the base of any relationship: We are looking forward to a longterm relationship with you!